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Although I'm from Bjelovar, Croatia, it would only be partially correct to say that this is a Croatian project. Patterns of Attachment came to be in the spring of 2019 when I quit my job and moved in with my girlfriend, who was living in Almaty.

It's difficult to say how much my sound would differ if it originated from somewhere else. Creativity doesn't depend solely on our surroundings. What we carry within ourselves is always intertwined with external influences and a lifelong adventure of exploring various music genres.

Initially, "Patterns" had no specific sound. It was an exploration. Since I had barely played the piano before and had always leaned towards the guitar, I was learning and enjoying myself. I spent half of my day doing web development, and the other half was dedicated to developing "Patterns." Compositions, arrangements, and sound colors were gradually shaped to become as eloquent as you will hear them today.

So, before returning to Croatia, the songs that are laid out before you got their backbone in the old building on Aimanova street. Regardless of what the future may bring in terms of sound and musical concepts, the origins of the "Patterns" lie in that area of Kazakhstan, 5km below the Alatau mountain and 600km from the Chinese border.

Central themes

"Patterns" are about patterns of living. Patterns of the world around us. Patterns of behaviour. Patterns of attachment to everything and everyone that we encounter. They constitute the very fabric of our existence and are what make us tick.


I love music regardless of genres. Throughout my life, I have listened to everything from Black Sabbath, the Doors, and Yellow Magic Orchestra, to Bad Religion, Kraftwerk, Iron Maiden, Miles Davis, New Order, Aphex Twin, Pet Shop Boys, Leonard Cohen, Dire Straits, Ramones, Johnny Cash, Boards of Canada, and many others from these respective genres.

Although I still love them all, if I were to single out my all-time favourite, it would have to be New Order. Their unique blend of post-punk and electronic music, coupled with their thought-provoking lyrics, has always resonated with me and continues to do so. I find myself returning to their music time and time again, discovering new nuances and patterns that I had not noticed before. In many ways, their music is a microcosm of the larger patterns that I see in the world around me, and it is a constant source of inspiration and reflection for me.

Musical direction

After reading about the diverse range of music that I listen to or have listened to at some point in my life, an interesting question arises: What can you expect from "Patterns"?

Intertwined melodies, textured landscapes, deep pronounced bass lines and haunting dreamy leads conversing, asking and answering questions are what awaits you. All driven by thick, powerful kick beats and the marching of hi-hats.

It's impossible to categorise it into a single existing genre since it's an amalgam of my music tastes and ideas. I always describe it as the type of music I would like to hear someone play for me. My wife once called it "Galactic Romanticism" and I liked it so much that I adopted it as the name of the style. Listen for yourself and you'll see that there's no other name that fits.

Evoking memories and daydreaming about the future, "Patterns" will take you down the road of remembrance and longings for times past and those that would be gladly welcomed again. "Patterns" will show you what attachment means - what you do with it is up to you.

Visual art

Trees and leaves, river deltas, galaxies, blood vessels, seashells, DNA, flowers, snowflakes, mountains, water drops and coastlines, to name just a few, are examples of fractals in nature.

A fractal is a never ending pattern that repeats itself at different scales. It is defined as a fragmented geometric shape which can be split into parts that are considered a reduced copy of the whole (think of a tree as a whole and a small branch of the same tree as a reduced copy).

Some of the practical uses of fractals are in computer file compression systems, architecture of the networks that make up the internet, production of stunning and realistic computer graphics, landscapes in sf movies, prediction of earthquakes and even in description of variations in a person's heartbeat.

In "Patterns of Attachment," fractals represent human relationships. They are complex and have multiple layers, just like fractals. They can be simple or intricate, and the dynamics between individuals can be affected by various factors. Human behavior can also be seen as fractal-like. Our actions and decisions can have a ripple effect on those around us, just like how a small change in a fractal pattern can result in a significant shift in the overall shape.

Similar to fractals, relationships can be both beautiful and fascinating, while also being unpredictable and chaotic. Through its use of fractals in art, POA aims to gain a deeper appreciation for the complexity and interconnectedness of our relationships and the world around us.

Fractals shape us and our interactions with people and the world around us on a daily basis even if we don't notice it and have never thought about it.

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